14 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

I got my mothers day real present!!!

I know I have not been a mum yet. But aupairs are like a mum or mum helper. They spend whole day with their host kids. Kids spend more time with aupairs than their mum.

What does a mum want from her kids as a gift? Just a hug or a kiss, right? Definetely yes. I did not expect anything on mothers day. I do not think there is a exact definition for being a mum. You need to experience it.

On last sunday, I was with kids because their mum was not here. When I got off I wanted to leave and have a rest. But there was a problem because kids did not want to let me go. To see them running toward me and hugging me without any expectation even the little nine months old one. That was it. That was my gift, that was my mothers day gift.

When I told this feeling to my mum. She said: `this is how you feel when you are a mum. `

I was too tired, It was my off time... Who cares. I did not want to leave them too. And I played with them more and more and more.

Happy Mothers Day

6 Mayıs 2009 Çarşamba

Improve your English

I think become an Aupair in the US is the great way to improve your English.

Taking the ESL course in your country or coming to US as an Aupair costs almost same. Why do not choose to become an Aupair in US? You can live with an American family, you can learn the culture and you can improve your English. Because you have to take at least 60 credit course when you are an Aupair in the US. So you will study English when you are in the US. Your life will be English.

And now you think how long does it take to improve your English, right? Do npt worry just three months. When you come here you would be just staring at people`s face. In three months your friends start to remind you how improve your English. While you are talking American people you will just stop and you will think `woow look at this I am talking English without ny problem and sounds great.` You will be suprise. But It does not mean your English will be fabulous in a year. Even two years are not enough. You can not be like the Americans or who has been living for 10 years in the US. After two years do not regret. Besides improving your English you had lots of experience which the others do not have.

What is your plan?

Why do you want to be an Aupair in US?

You love the kids? You just want to travel US? or you have a career plan and If you stay in US it will help for your future?

First of all you need to decide why do you want to come to US as an Aupair? Because your goal will give a shape for your US life. If your career plan brings you here you need to look for the schools then the location of the host family`s becomes important to you. Or if you want to travel around the US you can prefer a host family who likes to travel. If you decide to come as an Aupair because you love kids and you want to learn American culture, you need to prefer a family who is american or who lives in the US for a long time.

Because become an Aupair might not be a great choice for you. Determine your goal and choose your tactic then GO!!